quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

Novidades !

Olá meninas ! não percam a nossa próxima palestra do programa Au Pair.
Estamos com uma Super novidade !
Aguardo vocês aqui na agencia no dia 30 de abril.

terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011


Olá meninas, segue abaixo um depoimento que recebemos da APIA, uma das primeiras Au Pais a participarem do programa em 1986, é interessante ler o depoimento dela.
Os anos passam mas o programa Au Pair é sempre a mesma emoção, aventura e um tempo de muito aprendizado e saudade para todas.
Espero que gostem.

Wednesday 3rd September 1986, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime to begin an adventure as an Au Pair with Au Pair in America! I was nineteen, working in na American hospital in London called the Humana Wellington, ehen I spotted the advent in the Nursing Times. I had always wanted to travel to America and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I discussed it with my family, and my dad was happy for me to apply as it seemed so well organised and safe.
I received details of my family, Dave and Rosemary Rogers, who had two children: Jonathan aged seven and Stephanie just over one. The photos they sent all looked really friendly and the kids sounded great! The family lived in New Jersey and it was easily commutable to the Big Apple which sounded exciting.
When I was sorting through my old photos I found my diary from the time Here are some extracts:
Wednesday 3rd September 1986 : “when we arrived at the hotel which was called ‘ Madison  Towers’ 22 East 38th Street we all had a meeting and given bits of information and then given the keys for our rooms. My room mate was a girl called Louise, she is from outsideLondon and really sweet... “

Sunday 7th September 1986L: “ The jorney to New Jersey was fine and we chatted easily, When we arrived I felt very nervous but Rosemary was really nice and Jonathan lovely and Stephanie is a doll.”
Monday 8th September 1986: “ At first it was really scary and hard to judge from the other side, but I soon got the hang of it. It was a great relief to get ordeal over with. The car is a 1981 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon in metallic blue. It’s really nice “
This was just a taste of the start of my journey. I settled into family life American style without any problems. Setting myself a routine, I got the kids their breakfast, dropped Jonathan to the school bus, dressed Stephanie and played with her durinf the day. Often ww went to visit other au pairs in the area as the kids could play and we could catch up over a cup of tea which was great. The afternoon was spent making sure Jonathan did any homework he needed to reading with him and playing games. I often cooked the family meal in the evening. They particularly liked my ‘Kearney’ mash as they dubbed it! and once Daave amd Rosemary were home the rest of the time was mine.
I was introduced to the other au pairs in the área at meeting at the local consellor’s house . I became friendly with Debbie who was with a family not too far away . She was from outside London and we beacame  firm friends and still are twenty-five years later! Debbie and I explored the local nigthlife hotsposts and were there for each other when we got home sick or just fed up, which does happen. But it soon passes!
The family paid for me to attend the local Mount Olive College to study Spanish one term of Italian another term, and TV Production. As a result of that course I entered into a career in journalism on my return, and I currently work for the BBC as a Broadcast Journalist, reading the news overnight and writing, filming, and producing features for BBC Online the Arts and Entertainment section which I love!
Debbie and I both met our husbands in America! I met Pat on St Patrick’s Day in New York after myself and Debbie had spent the day watching the pared and having great fun. In the words of Humphrey Bogart: ‘Of all gin joits all the word...’ Pat walked into mine! Pat was on holiday with his friend, but went to the same Irish clubs I went to in London which was such a coincidence! We instantly hit it off and met the next day and I got in touch with him on my return – and the rest as they say is history. We married on the 1 June 1991 and have three gorgeous children, Sean 17, Shannen 15 and Elena 11.
During my stay in America my beloved Grandad Kearney was taken ill with câncer, so hard to  cut short my contract to be with my family. It was sad saying goodbye to my American family and on going home I felt like a different person to the one that had arriverd there. I had grown up a lot; Well I had to being in charge of two young children and a very large car! I kept in touch with my family for the immediate  years afterward
photos, but sadly we eventually lost contact.
I would encourage anyone who would like na adveture in life to ry this scheme. It is much safer than going backpacking around the world on your own. You have security of a local counsellor to look out for you and will aways have other au pairs around. I look back   on my trip with such fond memories and it really did shape my whole life!
By Claudia Redmond